Wheel Repair Specialists

Our Story

The team at Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan is comprised of three partners, each a master in the field of wheel repair, collectively bringing Detroit’s finest wheel repair services. With a combined expertise spanning over sixty years, these partners and their crew are a cornerstone in the Detroit Metropolitan community, known for their wide-ranging skills and leadership in all types of wheel repair.

Over the years, our team has consistently delivered the highest quality of wheel repair services, ranging from minor touch-ups to comprehensive damage repairs. More than just a service provider, Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan is deeply committed to serving and contributing to the community. Our ethos extends beyond offering superior products, competitive prices, and timely service. There’s a tangible passion for our craft and a profound dedication to the needs and satisfaction of our clients.

At Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan, we see each client as a unique individual with specific needs. Our team, led by our knowledgeable partners, is committed to understanding and addressing every concern you may have. We guide you through the entire repair process, ensuring optimal outcomes not just for your wheels but also for your overall peace of mind and financial well-being. With us, you’re assured of a service that not only cares for your vehicle with the highest standards of professionalism but also values and respects your individual requirements.

Service Area

Our Top Tier Services Are Available Onsite At our Detroit Location

We at Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan understand that amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time for vehicle maintenance can be challenging. That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on providing top-tier onsite services, ensuring that expert care for your vehicle is always accessible.

Located conveniently within our service range, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us for any cosmetic issues your vehicle may face. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering exceptional service at our facility, where we can give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Trust us to make your vehicle maintenance experience straightforward and efficient, ensuring your wheels are always in pristine condition.