Cosmetic Wheel Repair

What is Cosmetic Wheel Repair?

At Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan, we’re dedicated to transforming your wheel’s setbacks into mere anecdotes of the past. If your wheels have endured the all-too-common encounters with curbs or potholes, leading to cosmetic damage, we’re here to help. Our expertise extends to repairing and restoring wheels to a condition that’s as close to mint as possible.

We define cosmetic damage broadly, covering everything from ‘curb rash’ to scratches, nicks, dings, or even slight deformations. Our process begins with a thorough inspection. One of our certified specialists will carefully assess your wheel, determining the precise steps required for its rejuvenation.

While each wheel’s story is unique, our repair process typically unfolds in several meticulously executed phases. First, we remove the wheel, followed by an extensive cleaning process. Next comes the actual repair work, where we address each imperfection with precision. We then prime, paint, and finish the wheel with a patented clear coat, featuring advanced paint adhesion technology. This not only restores your wheel’s aesthetics but also ensures lasting durability.

Color matching? Absolutely. We use OEM-approved paint, meticulously matched to each wheel, guaranteeing a finish that’s visually indistinguishable from its original state. And because we believe in the enduring quality of our work, all of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty against paint peeling.

Trust Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan to not just repair, but to revive the beauty and integrity of your wheels, ensuring they spin as proudly as the day you first took to the road.

Wheel refinishing is a key service we provide at Wheel Repair Specialists of Michigan when breathing new life into old, worn-out rims. Whether your wheels are marred with surface wear such as scratches, cosmetic damage like curb rash or curb damage, or simply in need of a fresh coat of paint, refinishing becomes an essential part of the restoration process. Opting for wheel refinishing is not only a savvy choice for restoring the beauty of your wheels, but it’s also a much more cost-effective option than replacing an entire wheel. Trust us to expertly restore the luster and appeal of your wheels, making them look as good as new without the hefty price tag of a full replacement.


Most frequently asked questions

Experience and testing has shown that by re-sealing the the damaged wheel surface,serious corrosion damage is much less likely to occur. This keeps your wheels looking great longer in our tough northern climate.

Yes we do after we have completed the repair process on your wheels. We have the normal colors painted on the wheels and we can also customize the color if you choose to. We can even change colors on new wheels.

Virtually all damaged rims can be repaired. However, since we are committed to saving you time and money, if the damage is so severe that it would be less expensive to replace your wheel with one of our replacement factory OEM wheels — we will let you know this up front.

Alloy wheels are becoming more expensive every year, some costing over $1,200.00. Replacement is always an option. However, properly done repairs can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Factors that affect the cost of repairs are as follows:


  • Type of wheel
  • Extent of damage
  • Number of wheels to repair
  • Repeat business opportunity


Some of the above items are obvious. However, labor is the biggest factor. It takes the same amount of time to repair a $200 wheel as it does to repair a wheel costing $1,200.00. Obviously, the decision is up to you.